About Kaziuk

Kaziuk provides courses and training programmes that are accredited and endorsed by UK professional regulatory bodies and accepted by employers. We link successful candidates with prospective employers and approved immigration lawyers to support them with job offers and relocation to the UK.

We believe in making jobs accessible to all.
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Why Consult With Kaziuk Team


Our team has accumulated over 40 years of UK and international nurses and healthcare staff training, recruitment, work placement and management services. We also work with highly qualified and experienced immigration professionals and employers ensuring gold standard services and support.


The international nursing and healthcare workers sector changes regularly with imigration and training requirements changing depending on the demand and supply. Our team keeps abreast with the latest changes and ensures the candidates qualifications and linkage meets the latest requirements.


To ensure candidates are understood and are able to access the best possible support, we outline all the requirements and answer all the questions swiftly. In addition to updating our website, our team is available to answer your questions and clarify any issues you may need support with.

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