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We provide nurses two different UK work placement preparation courses being those for nurses and for care workers. For those who meet all the job linkage and placement requirements, we have three fee packages.

Nurses Courses

These courses offer nurses understanding of what is expected of them and enables employers to gauge the candidates suitability.

Care Courses

These courses offer care workers an understanding of what is expected of them and enables employers to gauge the candidates suitability.

Immigration Costs

This is a rough guide of the other costs that candidates have to pay to meet their visa application, immigration, travel and accommodation costs(a deposit and one months rent required).

Frequently Asked

You register by completing the Registration form.

Upon submission, Kaziuk team will get back to you within 2 working days with the details of the payment and further information of any documents required.

On average, and subject to job availability, the process takes a maximum of 5 months as follows:

  1. Placement courses and tests: Most learners take a maximum of 20 days to pass all the tests subject to their commitment.
  2. IELTS / English course: This is dependent on your booking date. However, you should give yourself a maximum of 30 days to register, study, take and pass the test.
  3. Job linkage and placement: This is dependent on job availability. Though this is not guaranteed, it is currently taking 3-4 weeks once one completes all the courses and sends proof or qualifications. 
  4. Visa offer and travel: Upon successful completion of steps 1-3, this takes between 4-8 weeks. 

Upon receipt of your credits and the password to access the training materials, you can take as long as you want to complete the course. The credits do not expire. 

Since this is an online and self guided training, you are free to choose your time according to your availability.

You can start the course at anytime upon receipt of your credits which you can order here.

The pass mark for the Nursing and Care Worker Placement Tests is 70%. Your credits will only expire once you pass the tests. 

If you fail, you will have multiple chances to try again, at no extra cost.

You can book for 1-1 support for your work placement tests, interview preparation and CV updates by contacting us.

You can retake the Nursing and Care Worker Placement Tests as many times as possible until you pass. You will NOT need to make any further payments to retake these tests.


The courses are accredited and approved by quality assurance bodies who provide certificates acceptable by employers.

Since the courses and tests are offered online, the certificates are automatically generated and loaded onto the learners profile from where the employers and the learners can download them from.

Internationally trained and qualified nurses and health care workers are required to have English language competence. 

This is dependent on the country you studied and your qualifications.

For Care Workers, you are required to have UKVI IELTS(make sure you choose General Training) (https://ieltsukviregistration.britishcouncil.org/ test-chooser) 5.0 band score minimum. The  certificate should be passed in the last 12 months at most. 

B2 English level


Please contact us for more information.

We do not offer or provide support in the application of passports, birth certificates or other such documents. However, where your government requires proof of intention to travel to apply for such documents, upon completion of your tests and IELTS, if need be, we will offer you a support letter towards this. 

These fees are paid directly to the relevant third-party organisations such as UK visa offices, air flight companies and landlords. However, we can support you with the details of how to contact these organisations. Where need be, we will help you with the payment process and you will receive a receipt as a proof of payment from the said parties. 

In some cases, employers may reimburse these costs. We will confirm to you where such arrangements exist. 


As long as it’s convenient for you to get to work as required.


However it’s advisable for you to relocate and settle first before bringing your family.

It’s important for you to disclose all the information about your family and children in your visa application as this will ensure smooth transition for their relocation.

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